Arches to ZigZags: An Architectural ABC

Arches to Zigzags introduces its audience (both young and old) to the world of architecture through the alphabet.

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Author Michael Crosbie challenges young readers with new words and images, while adults will widen their own knowledge of architecture. Captivating images and clever wordplay entertain folks of all ages to explore the built environment.

The book begins its journey through architecture with an Arch (for the letter A), then a Balcony, and next on to Column Capitals. Along the way, readers will learn about some less-familiar architectural examples (like Finial, for instance), Keystone, Obelisk, and Quoin. Each letter and its corresponding image are described with light verse, which asks the reader some quick questions about what they see.

This colorful, lively, and entertaining book closes with some thoughts about what architecture is, why it’s important, and where you’ll find examples of architecture in the buildings you visit and use every day. There’s also information on the location and history of each of the 26 beautiful images in the book, in case you want to check them out on your own.

Created by an architect, writer, photographer, and librarian, Arches to Zigzags connects architecture with the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z.

Hardcover. 48 pages. 9.5 x 10.75"

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