Wasmuth Print: Unframed

Derived from Plate 32 (a.) in the original Wasmuth Portfolio representing the Martin House, this museum quality, unframed print is ready for framing and displaying in your favorite room.

Article number: 809
Quantity: 261

In 1910, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Berlin publisher Ernst Wasmuth produced a two-volume folio of 100 lithographs containing plans and perspectives of Wright’s buildings from 1893-1909. Originally titled Aüsgefurte Baüten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright, it is commonly referred to as the “Wasmuth Portfolio.” Published in Germany with an accompanying text by Frank Lloyd Wright, the portfolio became a significant link between Wright’s pioneering American architecture, and the first generation of modernist architects in Europe.

This museum-quality print is derived from Plate 32 (a.) in the original portfolio representing the Martin House. Each print is individually handcrafted to stay true to its source, making the prints among the finest reproductions ever created.

Museum-quality reproduction. Letterpress printed on handmade archival paper.

We offer the unframed print here, delivered in a protective paper envelope. Approximately 23"w x 13”h

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