Glass Panel: MH Wisteria Mosaic

The wisteria mosaic designed for the 4-sided fireplace in the Martin House has been created here as a lovely art glass panel.

Quantity: 9

The Martin House glass mosaic covers all four walls of a central, double-sided fireplace that functions as a spatial partition between the entry hallway and the first floor’s main living space. The mosaic is an elaborate composition that depicts the graceful notes of the wisteria—a vine appearing in its natural state as part of the home’s extensive landscape that is also represented in the abstract as a primary pattern of Martin House art glass. The mosaic repeats the wisteria motif in an intricate design of twisting branches with clusters of blossoms and leaves executed in a warm and inviting palette of bronze, gold, and green—a color scheme often favored by Wright.

The glass panel is framed with metal and comes with both a hanging chain and a wood display base.

The panel measures 14" x 11".

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