The Larkin Company

Enjoy this look back at the history and great success of the Larkin Company, where Darwin Martin was an executive.

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Born at 13 Clinton Street in Buffalo in 1845, John D. Larkin went on to become one of the most successful businessmen Buffalo has ever had. Developing from his experience in the soap industry with his brother-in-law Justus Weller in Buffalo and Chicago, the Larkin Company, established in 1875, became one of the dominant mail-order businesses in America. In 1885, Larkin and his wife's brother, Elbert Hubbard, promoted 'The Larkin Idea', which brought the business a national customer base through 'Factory to Family' direct sales.

Paperback written by Shane E. Stephenson, with a foreword by Howard A. Zemsky

128 pages

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