How to Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright

This unique, lavishly illustrated book offers a fascinating look into Frank Lloyd Wright's creative process, complete with fun, thoughtful activities for aspiring architects.

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Frank Lloyd Wright looked to nature for inspiration as he designed some of the most original, striking, and widely recognized buildings in the world. This unique book is part biography, part sketchbook, part exploration of his most famous projects—and the thinking behind them. By shedding light on Wright's views about landscapes, geometry, and the way people live, the ideas and illustrations in this book will ignite the imagination of aspiring architects. Dozens of thoughtful prompts and activities throughout the book—from developing geometric patterns to creating structures for different habitats to envisioning a floorplan built around a central fireplace—empower readers to translate architectural concepts into their own work.

Written by Catherine Teegarden. 160 pages. Paperback. Readers 10+

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