Secret Buffalo

This paperback will become your resource for the the weird, wonderful, and obscure facts and places about our great city, written by local author Elizabeth Licata.

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What’s the true story behind the “buffalo” wing, and why do Buffalonians refuse to call it that? Where is the nature preserve that was once an outlaw colony? Which obscure shop on the city’s East Side produces hats for Hollywood? Find the answers to these questions and many more in Secret Buffalo, a guide to the mysteries, surprises, and incredible stories of this Gilded Age hub.

Now known for its architecture, food, and natural beauty, Buffalo’s history hides more than a few gems to astound visitors and locals alike. Learn about an early motion picture theater, the first woman to run for US president, the first Olmsted-designed park system, and the more. Discover Buffalo’s hidden public art, travel the Underground Railroad, and make a bucket list of hidden parks to enjoy. On the list: the Martin House Landscape!

Author Elizabeth Licata is also the editor of Buffalo Spree, Western New York’s city/regional magazine. A lifelong area resident, Licata’s been writing about everything Buffalo for over 30 years. She’s also a nationally published art critic and garden writer who has written several books about Western New York art and gardens.

Uncover the secrets of a city you thought you knew.

Paperback, 6"x9", 208 pages.

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